FSB joins with Bexhill Academy to help Year 10 students learn about the world of work

  • 13 Jul 2018

Federation of Small Businesses was invited into Bexhill Academy to take part in a speed networking session with Year 10 students at the school. A wide range of professionals and business people took part including a Fire Fighter, Doctor, Shop Manager and professionals in creative arts, finance, media and Human Resources (pictured). The students that took part learnt about the skills needed for the world of work before spending five minutes with each guest learning about their career and line of work.

The FSB supports schools to work with business to teach students about work and enterprise. “We all want our children to make a successful transition from education to independence, earning their own money”, said Martin Searle, local Development Manager for FSB. “Each young person needs to be given a wide range of information, insight and inspiration to make the right career choice”. FSB participated in the session with the aim of informing students on the skills needed to work in a smaller company and to one day consider the possibility of starting their own business. With well over 90% of business in East Sussex being smaller businesses this could be a real possibility for many of the students at some point in their lives.


Indeed, Martin Searle started his business at the age of 40 in Hastings, following a career in Human Resources.  “It was interesting to hear the students’ insight when asked to think about the variety of small businesses around them”, he said. When asked ‘If you could run your own business what would it be?’ answers included Photographer, Florist, Nursery Manager, Digital Marketing expert, Mechanic, Interior Designer, Electrician and Plumber, amongst many others!


At the end of what was a productive and dynamic session at the Academy, organiser Cheryl Smith from Bexhill Academy said, “We thank the professional people who have given their time to attended today’s speed networking event. It is so useful for young people to get to meet adults from the world of work and to get them to start thinking about their future beyond school.  Initial feedback from the students is really positive. The majority said that it was useful or really useful and many students said that it was the most interesting part of their day”.