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FSB in Scotland on Queen’s Speech

The Queen has outlined the new UK Government’s agenda, revealing plans for more than 30 Bills.

Andrew McRae, FSB’s Scotland policy chair, said: “The new UK Government must carefully execute the ambitious programme the Queen revealed today.     

“The UK must leave the EU in such a manner to allow smaller operators to prepare for any change in trading conditions. Any misstep could have real life consequence on Scottish smaller businesses. 

“Similarly any new immigration system must be sufficiently flexible to work for Scotland’s local economies, communities and firms. An expensive, bureaucratic system could see a decline in Scotland’s working age population with a devastating impact on growth and tax revenue. 

“We know that addressing the UK’s mediocre digital connectivity is a high priority for smaller enterprises north and south of the border. In Scotland, a new UK Government fibre broadband programme must be carefully co-ordinated with the Scottish Government’s telecoms initiatives.

“The cost of employment has increased substantially over the last years, with many Scottish businesses warning that they’re a barrier to growth. It’s critical that the government delivers on its commitment to increase the employment allowance for small firms.   

“On business rates, the Scottish Government’s lifeline Small Business Bonus scheme has provided local firms vital support for many years. As rates help is expanded south of the border, Scotland’s local businesses can’t lose their advantage.”