FSB in Scotland on new job figures

  • 16 Nov 2017
Official statistics show that unemployment in Scotland rose slightly to 4% between July and September, but is still lower than the UK average of 4.3%. Employment in Scotland was unchanged over the three month period.  

Stuart Mackinnon, FSB’s external affairs manager for Scotland, said: “Low unemployment is good for Scottish families, communities and businesses. Despite today’s small increase in joblessness, we’ve seen a remarkably stable and successful period in Scotland’s jobs market.


“Official statistics show the number of Scottish small businesses is at a record high. Politicians must recognise the connection between jobs, successful communities, and local firms.    

“As we approach next week’s UK Government budget, the Chancellor needs to decide which direction to lead the economy. With small business confidence already very low, this isn’t the right time to put new pressures on local operators.”