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FSB in Peterborough shows its true colours when supporting diversity

Last month businesses from around  Peterborough joined together to celebrate Pride month and what a month it was not only did member, Edward Smith, from Sphere Risk Health and Safety Management and organiser of The Peterborough Biscuit have an incredibly successful Pride event but Peterborough Pride itself was it incredibly successful and it really started a conversation that needs to be continued. 

Edward said “Being Vice Chair of Peterborough Pride is always very humbling but also incredibly eye opening for myself I personally have never had any real persecution for being gay or a member of the LGBT+ community however joining this local community has shown me that many members of the community in Peterborough have had it a lot worse than me.” 

“In having Pride, we show solidarity for those 78 countries where being gay is illegal and even more when in  11 of those,  gay people face the death penalty.” 
Last month Edward put on a morning of  “Drag Networking”. The morning consisted of networking, conversation, singing, dancing, food, drink, exploring alter egos and of course most importantly making a stand for pride and showing support for those people who are in the LGBT+ community. 

This event was the first of its kind and was a resounding success with over 30 people in attendance.  Edward continued “That doesn’t mean we didn’t have  had our own battle to make this the success it was. There were a few small minded comments however, we need in our city to make it more inclusive and diverse. Something I know FSB supports absolutely.” 

Drag Networking in Peterborough  will be back next June and will be even more fabulous so keep an eye out and make sure you attend. Edward was also delighted that there was an amazing Pride in Peterborough this year, with other 1000 people from  the city joining the pride march and with thousands turning up to pride events all over Peterborough, which makes me proud. 

He says:  “The most amazing aspect of this pride was the next generation who is what we are doing this for, turning up and being counted which gives me such hope that we can achieve.”