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FSB calls for more electric charging points for cars

In 2040 there will be no more new petrol or diesel cars on Britain’s roads.

However, currently in many areas of Devon there are few or a limited number of electric car charging points.

Adding more is under the remit of the local councils, but many of Devon’s councils don’t have the funds to enable this.

Some of the car manufacturers are offering to help. However, given that it takes 30 minutes to charge a single car there will be a huge need for more charging points as we switch over from diesel and petrol cars to the cleaner electric cars the Government has asked for.

In North Devon today, two charging points exist in Barnstaple and nothing else for over 50 miles.

To ensure a smooth transition Devon FSB calls on the Government to make funds available so that charging points don’t become the next headache in the lives of rural dwellers.