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FSB: Budget cocktail needs refinement

Following the Scottish Parliament's vote to pass the Scottish Government’s Budget, Andrew McRae, FSB’s Scotland policy chair, said: “The Scottish Government’s budget cocktail contains a good few measures that will go down well with small businesses, but other less welcome unknown quantities. Overall Ministers in Edinburgh have their work cut out to persuade Scots that they have a single, shared vision for our economy.  

“It’s great that the Scottish Government retained rates help for smaller firms and passed funding to councils to reinvigorate our local high streets. And given the uncertainty associated with Brexit, getting a budget passed is far better than the alternative. 

“However, many in the small business community will understandably have concerns about new tourism taxes and car parking levies. These moves cannot be rushed through.  After detailed consultation, decision-makers will need to carefully design these taxes to minimise the impact on smaller firms. Councils should think carefully about whether imposing levies at all is in the interests of their local economy.”