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FSB backs move to protect dignity at work and inclusivity

Recognising the significant changes in the composition of the workforce of Northern Ireland and in particular its increasing diversity, the Northern Ireland Employment Relations Roundtable launched a Joint Declaration of Protection (for Dignity at Work and Inclusive Working Environment) at the Spires Conference Centre, Assembly Buildings.

Through the Declaration and as leaders of employment relations in Northern Ireland, the members of the Roundtable declare that everyone has a right to equality of opportunity in employment and the right to work in a harmonious and inclusive environment and atmosphere in which all workers are encouraged to apply their diverse talents and in which no worker feels under threat or experiences intimidation.

FSB NI Policy Chairman, Wilfred Mitchell, said: “FSB welcomes this refreshed Joint Declaration of Protection, updated to embrace the full range of diversity in Northern Ireland and to reflect and protect our inclusive society.  FSB is proud to represent the small business community in Northern Ireland, and we will be recommending that all of our members adopt the Declaration in their own workplaces in consultation with employee representatives.”

To accompany the Declaration the Roundtable has prepared a Model Workplace Policy with a list of actions which all employers and trade unions are encouraged to adopt.