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FSB Award for Exceptional Achievement

It was a long busy day but well worth every second. The Volunteer Member Conference in London included something for everyone.


Updates from Finance through to Recruitment and of course from our National Chairman, Mike Cherry. Catching up with old friends members and staff alike and questions galore from the floor.

The 'B' word was hardly mentioned. Phew......... Outside the Conference Area was a Hub providing information for information on every aspect of membership. We even had our headshot photographs taken by a professional photographer for future use.

After a one hour break at end of Conference we were invited to dinner following which unexpectedly an Awards Ceremony took place.

This was quite a surprise for most of the room but none more than our Regional Chairman, Brian Woods who was actually, in his own words "blown away" to be presented with an Award for Exceptional Achievement in keeping members together during the FSB 'Refresh' Programme. Well done Brian. Well deserved Award!