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Free Skills Support for SME STEM employers in North Yorkshire and the East Riding

The WISE Campaign and NYBEP are both working on an important ESF funded initiative to support STEM SME’s in North Yorkshire and the East Riding. 

They are working jointly to support these employers with the following activities around Women into STEM. They would like to hear from companies that are doing well, as well as those that are struggling to recruit females into their workforce. This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the amazing talent and opportunities in the region, promote the growing number of SME’s and inspire the next generation. 

NYBEP Successful Futures Campaign

Engaging with Young People – Support with information, resources and insight sessions to ensure that SME’s get an opportunity to promote STEM careers, your company and effectively engage with students.

Contact them to hear more about how they can help you to kick start or enhance your current engagement. Contact Corey Derbyshire

Links to Activities – linking you to local activities, supporting your remit and objectives. Contact Corey Derbyshire 

Women in STEM – Hall of Fame They are collating Pen Portraits that give students real life examples of local women working in STEM roles throughout the area. These profiles are used to support local school activities (for example Scarborough Engineering Week) and Careers Fairs; promoting a broad range of women using science, technology, engineering or maths in their jobs. Do you have employees (at any stage of their career) who would make great role models? Contact Corey Derbyshire 

WISE Campaign They are looking to work with 5 SME’s from York, Scarborough, Carven and East riding to create a regional toolkit based on their Ten Steps programme. 

The Ten Steps is unique in its focus on sectors where women are still very much in a minority. It has been signed by the leaders of science, technology, engineering and manufacturing businesses with a significant workforce in the UK. Taken together, these actions represent a step-change for the sector. This is not a women’s issue or a diversity issue – it is a business imperative.

If your company would like to get involved to help shape the toolkit to reflect the dynamics of SME’s and the region, please get in touch with Shagufta 

Bespoke to area Schools Resource and STEM Champions based on the WISE People Like Me Programme. The resource will include STEM champions from the region as case studies in the pack which will be delivered to schools in the region.

They would like 20 women currently working in STEM SME’s to get in touch. The women will be provided with guidance and support for personal development and networking. Each of the women will be provided with a mentor. 

In parallel to this they will create a resource pack and provide training for all the champions on how to deliver the resource. The training will include information about planning a session in schools, how to engage mums and daughters and how unconscious bias affects young people. 

After the training has been completed (3 hr session), they would like the People Like Me trained STEM champions to deliver at least one session in a school by July 2018. 

If you would like to get involved in this exciting project, please contact Jacki Mason or Shagufta, to discuss further.