Five reasons hiring an apprentice can benefit your business

  • 21 Jan 2020

The Juice Academy is a not-for-profit digital marketing apprenticeship programme based in Manchester city centre. They recruit and train digital marketing apprentices for businesses throughout the North West. 


Here, Juice Academy Programme Manager Georgia Fitzgerald talks about the top five reasons why hiring an apprentice can help your business:
There’s a huge skills gap in the digital sector. Due to advanced technology and changing trends, more jobs each day are needed in the digital industry. So while there are new job roles in this industry being created every day, there’s just not enough talent to fill them.
This is why The Juice Academy apprenticeship programme was started, to help fill the skills gap with social media savvy apprentices. The programme begins with a unique recruitment process where employers meet with a group of social media savvy candidates to choose their new apprentice. The course runs for 15-months and the apprentice receives a Level 3 Junior Content Producer qualification at the end. 

These are my top five reasons why hiring an apprentice can help your business:

1. An apprentice will bring fresh, new ideas and knowledge into your business. They might come in with new and updated ideas that nobody in the business has thought about before. As well as providing new ideas, they can freshen up and diversify the current workforce which is essential for your business to grow.
2. Apprentices have 20% off the job training therefore, 20% of their time is spent learning new skills that they can then use in your business. These might be new and updated skills that are being introduced to the business for the first time, therefore benefitting the business as well as training the apprentice.
3. An apprentice provides long term development for your business. This might be the apprentice’s first full time job, therefore you will be training them from the beginning of their career. This is a huge positive as you are able to train and up-skill the apprentice using your business’s values, skills and culture. Very quickly the apprentice will learn the culture of the business and become a vital part of the workforce. 90% of apprentices stay in their place of work after their apprenticeship, therefore they are a long-term investment for the business.
4. Apprenticeships are an excellent way to keep your staff costs low whilst growing your team with new talent. They also help reduce staff turnover and reduce recruitment costs. 
5. Apprentices can help tackle the constant skills shortage. In addition to apprentices being a huge benefit to your business, they are also crucial to fill the current skills gap. This is essential in industries such as digital and technology.

The Juice Academy holds a recruitment Boot Camp four times a year to match employers with a digital content marketing apprentice. Our next Boot Camp is on the 30th January and there are still free spaces for employers to attend and find their new digital content apprentice.”  
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