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First ‘small business friendly’ FSB awards launched in Gloucestershire and the West of England

The FSB in Gloucestershire and the West of England has just launched its first competition to find the most ‘business friendly’ and SME-supportive councils within the area.

The FSB’s Wessex team were the South West trailblazers  for the ‘FSB Local Authority Awards’  idea where they are still going strong in Dorset and this year, for the first time, the 11 main councils who are part of the Gloucestershire and West of England LEP areas will be given the chance to show what they offer in terms of support and advice to FSB members and other SMEs.

The local councils in the area have all been invited to submit applications for awards in three categories - their long-term work with SMEs, their best recent local initiatives and their overall small business friendly approach.

To help the council decide which areas to focus on, the FSB  Gloucestershire and Bristol team have sent all the leading officials and senior council members copies of our ‘Best in Class’ brochure which explains some of the key policies we would look for from our local councils to insure that they include small business concerns at the heart of their work.

The awards were launched at the end of August and are due to culminate with a lunch at Kingsholm, the home of Gloucester rugby, on Friday, November 29.