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Energy, Future-proofing and EV cars

Over 50 FSB members gathered at Rosemoor RHS Gardens to listen to an afternoon looking at the future. 

The first section of the afternoon was devoted to electric cars, charge points and running and owning an electric car.  Those there asked questions about batteries and battery storage, range of battery and topping up the car. It was a fascinating insight into a world many of us will soon be discovering as we realise that we cannot simply keep running around in our gas guzzling cars. 

Later in the afternoon we looked at energy usage and again how this needs to change as over 40 percent of it still comes from fossil fuels. The solar panels on roofs can now be stored in battery storage that is far better than at any time in the past so using solar panels to heat and power our homes is now a very viable option. Looking at the future many talked about local energy and local energy supplies rather than a big national grid and the huge power stations we currently know. 


Pictured is the question and answer session for Electric Charging and Vehicle section.