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Doing business in a rural area

Carolyn Frank, Development Manager FSB North Yorkshire, has recently written an article in the Yorkshire post looking at the unique challenges facing our Rural Businesses.

Having previously ran a successful business in a rural community, Carolyn lays out the challenges that these business face and what government need to do in order to help these firms prosper. 

In her article Carolyn explains that, “when rural businesses thrive, so do our communities, driving economic growth and providing more services and jobs for local people. Small rural businesses can always be found at the heart of their communities, but are often overlooked in terms of investment in favour of urban areas”. 

“Our research shows just 23% of rural businesses are satisfied with their mobile coverage levels, only 37% are happy with their broadband connection and 7% of rural businesses believe the road network has improved in recent years. Rural businesses contributed £246 billion in 2016 or 16% of England’s GVA, according to ONS data, but the lack of investment in infrastructure is failing this crucial sector and hindering its growth.

A strategic Government-led approach to boost jobs and growth in rural areas would see small firms thrive. So why are small businesses often not being given the tools to do the job?”

Carolyn goes onto set out how the key policies that the FSB is lobbying the government for, that will help businesses in rural communities. These include: 
• Guaranteed 10Mbps broadband speed for all business consumers
• Action to tackle mobile signal ‘not-spots’
• Greater access to cash in rural communities
• Ensuring affordable travel by roads and improving the road network

To see more information on Carolyn’s article, click here