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Digital Directory launched to showcase Northampton's vibrant digital ecosystem

Digital Northampton’s company directory is now live, featuring over 100 businesses that are contributing to the rapid growth of the digital economy in Northampton. FSB members in the digital industry are being invited to join the ‘Digital Directory’ to get themselves and their SME seen. 


FSB's Area Leader Clare Elsby has been working closely and positively with the Digital Northampton team to support this important initiative. The Digital Directory is designed to be a dynamic reference for businesses looking to find partners to work with on digital transformation projects, or to search for businesses that offer specific digital services.

Northampton is home to a vibrant digital ecosystem with a wide range of capabilities, from AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things) experts, to businesses offering Marketing and Web Development services.  

The research undertaken to build this directory has unearthed some amazing local businesses that are transforming the world around us with their innovative digital products and services. 

The Digital Directory is part of a wider strategy to create an active network of individuals and organisations that have the knowledge and ability to unlock further growth of the local digital economy in Northamptonshire.

The Digital Directory is a dynamic resource that will be added to on a regular basis, and so if you would like to be considered for inclusion on the directory or would like to recommend a digital business, then please submit details here