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Devon Special Interest Group Launched

Devon area of the FSB have started work on the first special Interest group (SIG). This is really good news for all involved. We are looking at the hard infrastructure of the area in particular the rural area as the local County Council had a policy of one road in for most rural villages. This policy has been ongoing for many years now so it has almost certainly impacted the community, but we don’t really know how much.

We are also aware that bus routes have been cut, there has been little funding for any future schemes such as electric car charging points in rural areas. Again we can assume this has had an impact but again we don’t really know how much.

However, Devon also has two key cities and the complaints from these have been around congestion. So the aim of the SIG is to look at the patch as a whole, and break down the core issues that are affecting the types of areas. We aim to do this by running a series of focus groups so that we can talk to the local people and find out what really is affecting them and by how much.

To start with we are going to run two groups one in North Devon and one in Exeter with a view of refining our discussions