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Devon FSB members get the chance to meet with the Board

Devon region hosted a meeting with FSB's board at the end of June at the Gypsy Hill Hotel.   
The Region were delighted that the meeting was being hosted in Exeter as it meant that the local members could attend the event.

Given that this was short notice 24 members attended the meeting, there were also a number of staff and the three board members. 

The board explained how they wanted to free the members up so that they could get back to their roots, in particular lobbying about issues that affected them. They also explained how they wanted to get rid of the red tape so that members could just get on with what they wanted to do. They agreed that if branches worked in areas they could remain, but they wanted rid of the regular regional meetings and the requirement to keep reporting back. 

They explained that the trials are working in the regions, and Wessex explained that they still met for Policy evenings every other month.

It was an interesting and generally informative event.