Creating outstanding customer experiences

  • 07 Oct 2020

The experience your customers have when dealing with your business, has never been under more scrutiny than through the Covid-19 crisis.  Do they feel safe and welcome?  Is accessing your product or service as easy as it could possibly be, despite the restrictions?  On October 6, FSB Bournemouth hosted a business support event focussed on how to create outstanding customer experiences during these difficult times. 


Freelance marketer, Kat Hounsell from Small Goes Big talked about the steps you can take to give your customers a great experience that they will remember, and will keep bringing them back to your business. Kat said “The importance of the Customer Experience is only increasing, particularly in the current climate. Customers are being even more selective about how they spend their time and money. Businesses are having to quickly adapt to rules and regulations, as well as evolving customer expectations. Having a clear view of the customer journey can help businesses navigate these changes”.

If you missed the session, you can catch up here

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