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Could you be a mentor?

A Bolton charity which works with troubled youngsters is seeking professional businessmen to volunteer as mentors.

Bolton Lads & Girls Club - one of the biggest youth centres in the UK – work with children and young adults between the ages of 8-19 years-old from the town.

Part of their programme is aimed at putting troubled youngsters who have no male role model in touch with adult men – and the charity has its sights set on businessmen in particular.

“In our experience, business owners make very good role models,” explained the charity’s Sarah Randall.

Business owners mentor their staff on a daily basis, although they may not recognise it as ‘mentoring’, but this translates well in to a more obvious mentoring relationship.

Young people also look up to them as professional, important people, and this helps the process too.

Being a mentor is essentially about being a positive influence.” Mentors have to be over the age of 21, and would be expected to mentor youngsters between the age of 8-18 – although they can request certain age brackets.

They will be given training by the charity and must commit to at least a year. Added Sarah: “Much of the role is about listening, getting the youngster to open up, and giving them good advice in return.

"At the moment we have about a 100 lads who would like to be involved in mentoring with men but we are desperately short of suitable mentors.”

The charity has strong links to local business, and holds a regular networking event on a quarterly basis at its Spa Road premises. For more information about mentoring contact Sarah Randall on: 01204 540139.