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Click. Collect. Clean Air

This time last year it was reported widely in the national press and specialist press that traffic jams cost the average motorist more than £1,000 a year, as the UK was named the world's 10th most congested country in 2017.  

The city or town with the worst jams was London, followed by Manchester, Birmingham, Luton and Edinburgh.  London is Europe's second most congested location after Moscow, with drivers spending an average of 74 hours in gridlock in 2017.  
The cost of congestion is astonishing and it takes billions out of the UK economy and impacts businesses and individuals alike.  The average figure reported for London was £2,430. 

FSB London recently hosted a meeting of the ‘Business Congestion Group’ (24 January 2019) which included a number of key stakeholders from the public and private sectors.  The Group discussion focussed on the impact of personal deliveries to workplaces across London.  

Innovative approaches are needed to deal with the growth in online shopping, the traffic congestion it creates in adding to the air pollution in London.  

One such initiative that was presented was the ‘Click. Collect. Clean Air’ web tool. It works to help reduce the number of vans on London’s streets and promote cleaner air. 

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If your business is being affected by congestion in London, please share your concerns by emailing Sarah King in the FSB London Development Team at: