Case studies required for low pay commission research

  • 27 Jul 2018

This year the Low Pay Commission is undertaking a review of the youth rates and has commissioned the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) to research the issue.

NIESR would like to speak to employers in the hospitality, retail, childcare and cleaning industries to take part in the research, on a confidential basis.

National Minimum Wage rates

Minimum Wage rate      Rate from 1 April 2018

National Living Wage        £7.83

21-24 Year Old Rate         £7.38

18-20 Year Old Rate         £5.90

16-17 Year Old Rate         £4.20

Apprentice Rate                £3.70

FSB has stated many of members pay 20 year olds, for instance, above the youth rate, but we have also emphasised their value.

The LPC will have received evidence and arguments from other organisations calling for (i) the NLW to be effective from the age of 21 and not 25; and (ii) for the NMW rate to be paid from 18 and not 21.

In view of these 'opposing viewpoints' we can expect the LPC to rely heavily on the NIESR research and it's therefore important that businesses using the youth rates have an opportunity of explaining their value.

To take part in this project, please contact [email protected]