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Businesses in Lincolnshire encouraged to become more carer aware

Employers are familiar with the need to retain skilled, experienced staff. However, 1 in 9 of the workforce are juggling paid employment with caring for someone who is older, disabled or seriously ill?

Without the right support, many unpaid carers may end up reducing their working hours or giving up work completely to care.

Lincolnshire based charity ‘Every-One’, in partnership with Carers FIRST, are delivering a ‘Better Care Fund’ project to help support carers wishing to return to or remain in employment and helping employers to become carer aware. As part of the project, Every-One provide practical advice and support tailored to individual businesses, helping them to support unpaid carers in the workplace. 

Holly Aisthorpe, Carers & Employment Worker at Every-One, said: “Supporting carers has now become an economic and social imperative. 

“By recognising the needs of carers, businesses can reduce recruitment and training costs by retaining their experienced staff whilst reaping the rewards of creating a supportive working environment for carers. Ultimately, it makes business sense to care for carers.”

Every-One provide a range of fully funded support to help organisations develop and implement ‘carer friendly’ policies and good practice. This is complemented by a carer awareness training programme for staff and an opportunity to undertake the Lincolnshire Carers Quality Award. Undertaking the award is free and achieving it recognises the valuable way an organisation supports carers as employees, volunteers, service users and customers. 

SME employers in Lincolnshire are also invited to become members of ‘Employers for Carers’, which is free under Lincolnshire County Council’s umbrella membership, giving them access to a wide range of resources, tools and e-learning opportunities for both the organisation and employees to access. 

Employers for Carers provides practical ‘hands on’ advice and support for employers. For more information please visit:

For an informal discussion on how Every-One can help your business and to become a member of Employers for Carers, contact the Carers & Employment Worker, Holly Aisthorpe, on 07741572197 or email For more information about Every-One, please visit:

Carers FIRST are working with carers aged 16 years and over on a one-to-one basis or in small groups providing information, advice and guidance to help with improving confidence and self-esteem, exploring individual’s readiness for work and identify any barriers they may face. Carers preparing for a return to work have access to C.V. and interview skills workshops, with additional opportunities around education and training, as well as exploring volunteering as a stepping stone back into employment. 

Carers who would like to find out more about the support available to them can contact Karen Garlant, Employment Project Coordinator at Carers FIRST, on 07803454264 or email