Business networking in West of Scotland

  • 23 Jun 2017

FSB networking in the West of Scotland is in full swing! In the first half of 2017, a number of FSB networking events took place, helping members get connected and become part of FSB’s small business community. With over 6,000 members in the West of Scotland, there is no shortage of opportunities to meet up with new business contacts and extend your network.

Four regular networking events in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Forth Valley and Ayrshire are now well established, with a few more planned in other areas of the region. 

From January onwards, FSB delivered over 30 networking events across the West of Scotland, attended by well over 600 people including a number of start-ups. Many of these have speakers on themes such as cyber security, tax, networking tips, social media, whilst featuring a number of businesses in the speaker slot, helping them promote what they do to other businesses. 

After a summer hiatus, FSB networking will come back to your local areas. Keep an eye on Bitesize and don’t miss out of the opportunity to get connected.