Boosting international sales

  • 22 Oct 2020

New FSB Member, Lucy Pembayun, is on a mission to help local businesses boost their international sales. The York-based translator is fully aware of the devastating impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on tourism in her home city but is urging fellow business owners to take some time to step back and think about how they can look to grow their client base in the future.

She believes many are missing out, particularly in the tourism industry, because they are not presenting their businesses correctly to their target audiences. So she’s joined forces with a group of local translators to offer translations for the main European languages. They’ve come up with 4 top tips: 


  1. Make sure your business shows up correctly on Google searches;
  2. Make life easy for your overseas customers;
  3. Check your English copy to ensure clarity and simplicity;
  4. Avoid free translation tools.

To help local businesses with their English content, Lucy has produced the LEaF English Language Style Guide – a FREE quick-reference grammar guide. As she says: “Even as someone who has been working as a professional translator for 14 years, I still occasionally need to check whether certain words need a capital letter, how to write dates and times etc.” The LEaF English Language Style Guide bundles all this information into one convenient document that companies and individuals can use to write consistent and correct English. Get your free copy here.