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Big plans for award winning London business

Matt Connelly of ihateironing talks to Denise Beedell in the tenth of a series of articles featuring the winners from the FSB Celebrating Small Business London Area Finals held on 19 March.

Matt had thought of the concept of a digital dry cleaning and laundry service years before Brixton-based ihateironing started in earnest in 2013.

Now they have 10 full-time employees with over 50 partner dry cleaners and more than 10,000 customers. 

The service works collaboratively with boutique cleaning centres, each overseen by a master dry cleaner with at least 10 years’ experience. 

They offer customers home collection and return delivery within 9 hours. 

Setting up the business took a huge amount of work, as they sought to gain traction and find the right people with the skills and attitudes to match the company standards.

Matt says, “Looking back we were so keen to be the first online dry-cleaning and laundry service that we expanded very quickly across London. If I could do it again, I would take more time. 

“It was a fantastic learning experience and now we have more rigorous hiring processes. 

“We have big plans and have already expanded operations to other cities across the UK, including Oxford, Cambridge and Brighton.

Matt continues, “One of the best things about running ihateironing is the way we help other small businesses to grow, through increasing their income and reducing their operating costs. One of our customers was able to enjoy a family trip to Disney Paris as a result of the increased business revenue we had helped them build.”

To relax, Matt makes time for regular exercise to clear his mind, especially enjoying running near Herne Hill, one of his favourite parts of London.

ihateironing won the Digital Business of the Year award in the London Area finals.