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Everything you wanted to know about digital: A Superfast Business Wales Q&A

Superfast Business Wales trainer Austin Walters answers the questions you asked us about digital.

Q1: How do I market my business online? 

This entirely depends on your business.  Different business types need to look at strategies for their sector rather than having a “one size fit all” approach.

What might be a great strategy for a local shop might be terrible for a financial adviser. One of the mistakes many business owners make online is to copy the strategy another business is using successfully, regardless of what sector they’re in. This is not guaranteed to work and may even cause harm.


Another common mistake people make is to market on the platform they are most comfortable using, which is not necessarily the one best suited to reach their target market.

So first, you need to identify your target market. This is something I cover in more detail on our Superfast Business Wales Digital Marketing workshops.

When you know who you are targeting, you can develop a campaign to reach them with the right messaging.

There are multiple channels to market online, but for this article I will keep it simple.  Let’s consider Search (as in Google Search) -v- Social Media.

When someone performs a search, they are much closer to the buying decision than someone who stumbles across your post or advert on social media.  Therefore we need to have different approaches.  We cannot treat every person as a prospect.

Imagine you wake up and decide to buy a washing machine.  You want to see the product before you buy so you go to a local electrical store.  When you arrive you want someone to sell to you: that’s why you went there, for help to choose the best machine for your needs. You identify one with the help of a salesperson, spend your money, and leave with a delivery booked. This is like shopping online via search.

Now imagine you didn’t wake up wanting to buy a washing machine but instead decide to go to the park with your family. Whilst you’re there some random person comes up to you and tries to sell you a washing machine; well, that’s like social media: you got interrupted while you were looking at cat videos.


The above is a good example of needing to know how your target market (potential customers) start their journey to find your product or service.  Note, not all prospects who start with search are ready to buy; they may be in information gathering mode.

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