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Are you ready for the world of export and international trade?

Many companies are now exporting on a regular basis – some reactively and some proactively – so if you are interested to know more about the international marketplace, help could be at hand.

The Department for International Trade (formerly UK Trade and Investment) is the Government Department that helps companies export their products or services. In the Eastern Region there is an experienced team of international trade advisers working with companies of all sizes to assist them to grow internationally.

All of the advisers are from the commercial world – many of them having been SMEs (or working for SMEs) previously and would welcome the opportunity to speak with you to see how best they can assist.

Anton Rudgalvis heads up the Trade Team for companies based in Bedfordshire. He has more than 40 years experience in the world of exporting and has run businesses both in the UK and overseas. He is able to outline the range of services being offered and will give you an overview of the market potential for your product or service. 

With the development and progression of websites and e-commerce, many companies have become ”international” almost by accident…….but they are still exporting. Their website is their shop window to the world which means that they become visible to potential overseas buyers. 

For the first time exporter, there is often the fear factor – “someone has been on my website, I’ve received my first order, now what do I do…….” This should not be cause for concern but it should be a celebration of the first order.

However guidance and impartial advice is often essential to ensure that the transaction runs smoothly. In some cases companies have a bad experience with their first order and lose the desire to sell overseas – it need not be like that and there is local help available.

So if you are a would-be exporter and would like to know more or indeed if you are a current exporter and would like to grow your business, why not get in contact with Anton to see how best he can assist