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App is for Apprentice

Gillian Keegan at FSB Apprentice Event

Members in Chichester were invited to their first meeting with Gillian Keegan MP for Chichester following her election after long serving FSB supporter and local MP Andrew Tyrie standing down. FSB has known Gillian for a number of years during her time as a County Council Cabinet Member and it was great to welcome Gillian back in our company as the local MP.

The purpose of the meeting was to unravel the obstacles standing in the way of small business owners in employing an apprentice and to rather highlight and explain the many benefits attached to this employment. Presentations were made by local FSB member and employer of apprentices Jim Cunliffe MD of Face Media, the Chairman of the Apprentice Ambassador Board and Gillian made a major impact having been an apprentice herself and the only MP in the House of Commons having served an apprenticeship.

All delegates enjoyed healthy and lively debate with some seven pledging to employ an apprentice. Good work on behalf of members and the NAS. We were also joined by a member of the Cabinet Office who observed our good work.