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And breathe….Joel’s wellbeing workshops help boost productivity

As a broadcaster and then founder and Managing Director of leading Liverpool-based PR and marketing agency, Ubiquity PR, FSB member Joel Jelen saw that wellbeing is just as important as job skills in creating a productive workforce.

He noticed that stress, created by hectic 21st century working environments and busy family lives, is both a threat to employee health and bad for the bottom line.

In response, Joel established Reset Breathing to help people counter the trials and tribulations of the modern world in specialist breathing workshops, creating a calmer place so they have more clarity and success at work.

“From feedback within the workshops many people commented on how the pace of life at work and outside of work, plus spending most of their time in 'a heightened sense of anticipation,' were the main things they wanted better strategies to cope with,” said Joel, a Fellow of Buteyko Professionals International (FBPI).

“From my role with Ubiquity PR, I've become aware that more employers seem to increasingly recognise that good productivity levels come from a team of people equipped with more than just job skills in 2017.”

The workshops demonstrate in bite-size form, one hour in duration, how breathing education techniques impact positively on energy levels during work, exercise, and the ability to get a better night’s sleep. To find out more visit or email