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Alford family business has fourth generation

Hunts Coaches, based in Alford, Lincolnshire is a family business founded in 1930 by Frederick Hunt.

Today, the business is owned and run by father and son team Michael and Joe Hunt. The family recently had a happy announcement with Joe Hunt becoming a father for the second time. So business succession is assured and it would be good to think that the legacy will continue for a fourth generation.

The business has 33 vehicles working from two sites in Alford. Hunts take great pride in providing high standards of service. This year they won the East Lindsey Independent Retailer of the Year Award.

Family businesses often think about legacy and sustainability of the business and Hunts Coaches is no exception. Hunt’s started operating with one Public Service Bus running a route from Alford to Boston and today the business still provides buses to Boston.

As a third-generation family business Hunts are proud to have been working in Greater Lincolnshire for nearly 90 years, providing people with access to places. People are the driver of the business in every respect and it’s by listening to their customers that they have stood the test of time.


1960’s Bedford Europa with Yates Body in Boston Market Place


Joe Hunt said: “Our core values place people at the heart of the business. Be it working with the best or supporting our community, providing access to work, health, shopping and leisure or keeping them connected to family and friends.

"To be successful as both the business and the family grow, Hunts Coaches continue to meet two intertwined challenges: achieving strong business performance and keeping the family committed to and capable of carrying on as the owners.” 

The list of transport services has grown considerably from the early years and Hunts now offer Coach Holidays, Day Trips, Local Bus Services, Education Transport, Group and Private Hire, Theatre and Concert trips. The fleet is reviewed regularly and new vehicles are brought in when required. The 1960’s coach in the above picture is a Bedford Europa with a special Yates Body. It cost £4500. The modern equivalent now would cost around £200,000!


Hunts also invest in digital technology developments, most recently purchasing a fuel management system.

The business benefits from an award winning and highly skilled team but are aware that to continue to develop and grow they need to build on this. The business currently employs over 45 people including Apprentices.