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A New Era for FSB … would you like to make a difference?

To enhance our regional profile, the newly formed FSB South Central Region, encompassing the two areas of Wessex and Thames Valley, is aiming to support members locally, and to ensure that local business issues are identified.

The South Central Region is committed to ensuring that businesses are a key influence in all decisions affecting the local economy. We are primarily a lobbying organisation, and our core lobbying and campaigning work, on behalf of micro and small businesses, continues to gain much credibility with both local and national Government. Widely acknowledged as the voice of small businesses, the FSB works hard behind the scenes to try to influence Government policy. 

I don’t do Policy! ….

That’s what we hear sometimes when we ask local members to get more involved in FSB campaigning and lobbying activity. We know that it’s a lot to ask – especially of time-constrained owners of small businesses. However, FSB has become recognised as one of THE most effective lobbying organisations. 

When key decisions are being made locally, the needs of small businesses are always considered a priority. We are often asked to give information, respond to consultations, and provide comments to local press and radio on business issues and we actively engage in a partnership working with all local authorities, government bodies, MPs, and with business and community organisations.  This ensures that the voice of small business is heard and understood, with the FSB’s, and therefore your opinion often being sought.  

Members who represent the FSB come from a range of backgrounds and business sectors but all have one thing in common - they run their own small business, and as those directly affected, are credible witnesses to the real business world. 

We have a vast array of business knowledge in our region, and if you would like to be part of the FSB team in South Central, the only qualification is that you are in business and want to make a difference for your local business community. We are always looking for members to strengthen our existing local, geographical and industry sector knowledge. With the ongoing aim of continuing to support our members and the wider SME community, we need to ensure we have a voice in local economic decisions. If you are interested, please contact our Development Managers, James Anderson or Neil Eames.