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A big WOW and welcome to new member Emma Wood

Emma WoodFSB is delighted to introduce new member Emma Wood, owner of The Big WOW. Starting her first enterprise abroad almost 35 years ago when she was just 18, Emma has a wealth of experience in running her own businesses as well as taking products to market. For the last seven years she has been heavily involved in helping some of the UK's most recognised names expand into overseas markets, as well as aiding the growth of other firms here at home. 


“From launching Cotton Traders into Europe to media buying in the Med for Jet 2, I have worked with all sorts of companies helping them to engage with their customers effectively to grow sales, but my greatest passion is definitvely in supporting small businesses in the Weald” Emma told FSB Kent.

''Five years ago I returned to my childhood town of Cranbrook in Kent and The Big Wow is my next big thing!”

Emma launched The Big WOW last month to help small businesses and organisations promote their events. “ is a powerful multi-media ‘What’s On’,” said Emma. “It has been specifically designed to help venue owners, event organisers and promoters create a buzz around their events, and lets them harness technology in ways not seen before.”

Features include the ability to share event pop-ups and pages not just across Facebook and Twitter, but also on WhatsApp and via SMS, so that those seeking to generate interest in and around an event no matter what its size or nature, can use the tools they use most in their busy lives and on the go. The general public can also share these links with friends, family and colleagues.

BigWOW covers all sorts of events from workshops and seminars, to product launches and demonstrations, retail sales, auctions and fairs. Other dynamic tools to be introduced will be an interactive e-zine offering advertisers the opportunity to bring their event advertisements to life with video and hyperlinks to book tickets.

“A print edition will be released later this summer for those who prefer the look and feel of a traditional print publication, “ Emma continued. “And for larger venues and events that need greater reach The Big WOW offers hyperlocal, geo-personalised mobile marketing, that enables bulletins to be delivered to Android and iOS.

FSB members can enjoy 25% off when using the code bigwowfsb on any event form (all one word, lower case) when uploading one or more events to The Big WOW during 2018. Please note that charities and not-for-profit organisations can claim a discount of 50%, but cannot claim both discounts together.

To find out more call Big WOW on 01580 715772 or email Emma is also happy to do free talks and workshops on how to maximise footfall at an event, so if you would like to make a booking please get in touch.