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40 tonnes of coffee saved from landfill by FSB winners UpCircle Beauty

Sustainable brand UpCircle Beauty create quality skincare products that give salvaged natural ingredients a new lease of life. At the London finals event of the ‘FSB Celebrating Small Business Awards 2019’ they walked away with the “Ethical Green Business of the Year” award, collected by co-founder Anna Brightman. 

Just three years since its business launch, UpCircle have rescued 40 tonnes of coffee from artisan cafes and coffee shops across London, transforming them into their coffee-based skincare range. Based on their current growth rates it is estimated that they will have saved an additional 1000 tonnes in the next five years. That's a whole lot of espressos!

UpCircle is determined to keep on innovating. Saving used coffee grounds was a great starting point for the brand, but they’ve got a lot more than just coffee in their sights.  Shortly after releasing the coffee range, the brand released their palm oil free soaps made from residual chai spices used to brew chai tea. But what’s next? 


When accepting her award Anna explained that flowers will be the next natural ingredient to be rescued and elevated into regenerative skincare products. UpCircle have teamed up with florists and wedding venues, collecting leftover flowers which would otherwise be destined for the bin. 

Since their win - and just months after launching into 740 Boots stores - UpCircle have revealed that they will be adding a brand new Cacao scent to their body scrub range, due to be released next month. It will be launched into another major retailer across the country – keep an ear out for the announcement!