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20 questions: Mark Morgan, Social Wifi Works

1.            Name? Mark Morgan
2.            Age? 56
3.            Business name? Social WiFi Works
4.            Located in…? Wigan
5.            What do you do? We turn free WiFi into a lead generating tool and increase sales.
6.            When did you become ‘self-employed’? I’ve been self employed for most of my working life.
7.            What prompted you to make the ‘leap’? The ability to take control of my own future.
8.            Do you miss employment? Nope!
9.            In your personal experience, what’s the best thing about self-employment? Freedom from the tyranny of office politics
10.          What’s surprised you most about working for yourself? That if you’re open to new ideas there is a lot of money to be made.
11.          What’s the best piece of advice you could give anyone else thinking of becoming self- employed?  Have an idea, be passionate about it and go for it!
12.          What’s the toughest aspect of self-employment? Getting momentum behind the business
13.          Did you know there are 4.8m self-employed people in the UK? No But I think in future that figure will rise.
14.          Does the Government do enough to support people like these? Depends on who is in power.
15.          What do you think the Government could do to make it fairer? Business rates for the high street need to be reduced urgently.
16.          Is being self-employed worth it? I find it fulfilling.
17.          Would you ever consider being an employee again? No way!
18.          Have you ever considered ‘the next step’ becoming an employer – i.e. taking on staff? I’ve actually have taken on 3 new starts recently.
19.          What’s the biggest barrier to self-employment? Having the courage to “go for it”
20.          Do you think schools should promote self-employment as a career option? Yes and teach finance to support this.