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Reach for the Cloud – how small businesses can embrace the digital world

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The Cloud is an exciting game changer for businesses and enables the delivery of real-time valuable information to small businesses - easily, quickly and securely. For some, it may seem difficult to grasp, but chances are you’re already using cloud-based apps in some form without realising it. Social media, accounting apps and online payment shopping tools are all examples with which many of us are already familiar. 

The trick is understanding the benefits and how to maximise them. Here are some of the top advantages to the cloud for small businesses: 

It’s instant

With cloud services, the information you need is instantly available. Not just in your office at your computer, but out and about on your phone or tablet too. Staff member unexpectedly ill? Check your staffing apps to see who is available to cover. Supplier can offer a discount on end-of-range items? Check your real-time sales numbers to assess if you want to take up the offer. 

Up to date software 

Desktop IT programmes and software often rely on manual and expensive updates, making the cost of keeping your software fresh higher than expected. Cloud software is flexible and most apps automatically update as part of their subscription model as they implement improvements. So you don’t have to worry about outdated software, bugs that need fixing or increased costs when functionality increases. 

Communicate better 

The cloud enables real-time data sharing across members of your team and business advisers. This might be important financial information available to your accountant, or shift rosters that help staff plan their time. And information coming back is easily and instantly accessible to all relevant decision makers. 

Better security 

With data encrypted and backed-up in the Cloud (standard with cloud-based apps) you don’t need to worry about lost or damaged laptops and computers. Data can also be managed remotely so you can wipe any devices that might go missing.  


Gone are the days of researching new services but ultimately taking a leap of faith when making the decision to purchase. Cloud apps are available for all types of business and activities and many come with free trials so that you can test them before committing. Once purchased, tiered services are common and you can adjust functionality, service levels and cost to fit your needs, flexing up or down as necessary.