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Protect your livelihood by ensuring you have the correct fire systems in place

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Unlike security systems, which are regularly switched off when the business premises are opened and switched on again when leaving, fire systems are on all the time – and sometimes overlooked. By making sure that everything is in order there will be a much reduced risk of false activations, and fire systems will work at the most critical times to protect life and property.

This also applies to other fire safety provisions such as fire extinguishers. Failure to source and regularly maintain quality extinguishers runs the risk of a small controllable fire escalating into something far more dangerous.

Let’s not forget, it is a legal requirement across the UK to ensure you protect your building from the risk of fire. The safety of your staff and visitors depends on this being upheld.

How can I be sure I have acted as a diligent, responsible person?

Using third-party certificated companies for your fire protection works shows your focus on providing the correct fire safety procedures and systems for your building. To find these quality certified companies you can use BAFE.

BAFE is the independent third-party certification registration body for the UK fire protection industry. All BAFE registered companies are third-party certified in specific areas of fire protection by UKAS accredited certification bodies using BAFE developed schemes.

BAFE supplies end-users with an easy method of finding these quality, third-party certificated companies to help you meet your fire safety responsibilities. This search tool can be found on the BAFE website (

Where should I start?

We recommend you begin by checking your fire risk assessment is up to date. Has the building or any rooms in it changed purpose recently? Do you have the right systems in place? If you are unsure on any factors affecting a fire risk assessment use a BAFE SP205 registered fire risk assessment provider.

Third-party certification demonstrates a company’s competence to provide 
specific services.

There are now more than 1,100 companies with over 1,300 registrations to BAFE schemes. These numbers continue to grow, with end-users recognising the value of the BAFE quality standard in the fire protection industry.

For more information on BAFE, please visit Alternatively, you can contact the BAFE office at or on 0844 335 0897. BAFE – promoting quality in fire safety.  |  @bafefire