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Protect your business before the cyber criminals target you


A complimentary cyber security health check is now included in your FSB membership.

Cyber security is something that all companies, no matter how small, need to consider. Businesses of all sizes will hold at least one piece of personal data, whether that be sensitive employee information, credit card details or customer information such as contact details or purchase history.

This information, along with private business records such as banking details, customer lists and legal documentation must be protected, as their loss can severely harm a business through economic and reputational damage.

While large organisations appear to offer greater rewards to cyber criminals and so may be targeted by a wide variety of hackers, from opportunistic individuals seeking financial gain through to nation states attempting to disrupt global systems, they are not the only targets. Small businesses may not hold such significant rewards for criminals but they are often easy targets that lack basic cyber security protections, leaving them vulnerable to attack.

Recognising this threat is an important first step, but FSB understands that implementing cyber security can seem daunting, with an endless list of expensive technical improvements that must be made.

To address this problem we are now offering, in partnership with NCC Group, a new, complimentary cyber security health check as part of your FSB membership.
Our new free of charge health check takes just 15 minutes of your time and you will be guided through the process by a cyber security expert from start to finish. Your results will then be emailed to you, providing you with some easy-to-understand suggestions on how it can be further improved.

To request your free health check please call 03450 727 727.

FSB, in partnership with NCC Group, also offer a Cyber Advice Line in addition to our new health check, allowing all members access to support from cyber security experts who will provide non-technical guidance to help support your business. To access this resource please call 03450 727 727.