Protect staff and stock in seconds with security fogging

  • 27 Feb 2019

Retail businesses employ nearly one in ten workers in the UK. But, sadly, violent crimes involving shop workers are on the rise.

According to the most recent Retail Crime Survey from the British Retail Consortium, the number of staff injured in attacks at work doubled in 2017*.

That’s a troubling statistic and raises serious questions about how shops can better protect their workers, cash and valuable stock. Many career criminals react violently when caught stealing, while increasing requirements to age-check customers and refuse sales are also thought to have led to the rise in attacks. Most shops are simply not equipped to cope with aggressive individuals and standard panic alarms simply aren’t designed to stop them in their tracks.


Thankfully, there are other ways to deal with violence and one of the most effective is ‘high speed security fog’. Once installed, this clever system protects your premises almost instantly – reacting in 0.1 seconds and projecting a cloud of thick dense fog a distance of 6m in the first two seconds alone! Even in larger shops this means that visibility can quickly be reduced to under 30cm, disorientating and driving the attacker out and buying time for help to arrive.

The ‘fog’ is actually a harmless mixture of water and glycol, so it’s non-toxic, and perfectly safe to breathe. And because it leaves no residue there’s no need to worry about damaging stock or your interior.

As well as protecting staff, security fogging is also an excellent burglary deterrent. It won’t stop determined thieves from breaking in, but it will make it extremely hard for them to make off with anything. After all, you can’t steal what you can’t see. Don’t forget that most criminals are inherently lazy, signs advertising the fact that your premises are protected by security fog will often be enough to make them move on to an easier target.

Choose a fogging system from a dedicated security expert like ADT and it will be ready for action whenever you need it. It even cleans itself after each activation. And there’s no need to worry about refilling the machine every time either, each is good multiple activations before it needs replenishing – depending on the size of your building.

It can also be linked to your ADT alarm, so instead of being activated manually, it gets to work as soon as your security alarm is triggered. Really handy if your premises is targeted out of hours.


A fogging system in action is an impressive sight, see it in action in this video
Protecting your staff and safeguarding your stock are priorities for any company. Security fogging is a modern solution that offers businesses and employees genuine peace of mind.

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