Post-GDPR ‘security fatigue’ could cause problems

  • 05 Nov 2018
Are businesses are starting to suffer from ‘security fatigue’ and losing the discipline needed to defend against modern cyber attacks?  

GDPR is something few of us had heard of eighteen months ago but we’re all now very familiar with  emails asking you to double opt-in to stay informed, or warnings that your business could be hit with a significant fine if the worst were to happen. 

In fact, recent survey findings indicate that  businesses based in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, (EMEA) are starting to suffer from ‘security fatigue’, which is affecting their cyber security discipline. 


Jake Moore, ESET Security Specialist, discusses why this could be happening and how you can keep from getting ‘security fatigue.’

“Security fatigue is caused by misunderstanding the vast scale of today’s threats that businesses are faced with on a daily basis. 

“I’m surprised to hear there is such a thing in today’s climate especially when it comes to the larger companies, however, these risks are real and should not be taken lightly. 

“If there is any business out there with their heads still firmly in the sand then they need to wake up, smell the coffee and read some of the recent breaches that also attack their share prices. 

“The solution lies with continual training and penetration testing – especially for those thinking that they are impenetrable. 


“Penetration testing is a fantastic way to make chief level management look at the real risks in a safe environment. 

“No company can say that they are 100% completely safe from a breach especially with so many entry points for cyber criminals to attack. 

“But it’s not just high level staff at risk. Many people of all levels still have the attitude that it won’t happen to them which puts them and their companies at further risk. Little attention to detail or carelessly dismissing training will put further vulnerabilities on a business.” 

Are people in your business suffering from ‘security fatigue’? Let us know on Twitter @ESETUK.

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