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Opinion: Better finance for better business

By Dave Stallon, FSB Commercial Director

FSB is campaigning for ‘better finance for better business’, including ensuring the success of open banking and having better access to finance.

Our members have access to a range of financial services, and last year we launched a fintech product – FSB Funding Platform, provided by Finpoint. 

We want to address the lack of knowledge that many small business owners have when it comes to alternative finance options. What are they? Where can we access them? Are they trustworthy? We found that having an FSB-branded platform was a signifier of trust.

It allows members to access more than 100 prospective sources of funding – from traditional banks to challenger banks and private investors. 

While good access to capital investment is vital, cash flow is also key. According to FSB Payments provider Worldpay, it takes just three days for a card payment to be in your account, whereas it takes an average of 21 days beyond agreed credit terms to be paid via invoice.

FSB Payments means that businesses can take safe and secure card payments through their website and can send customers secure payment links via email. 

Having a good, fast and reliable card payment system not only means offering consumers more ways to pay – 20 per cent of UK consumers have had to abandon a purchase due to a business not accepting card payments – but also means you can get paid quicker from within the supply chain.

I am committed to ensuring that FSB continues to offer members the best range of financial benefits within a fast-paced market.