Nine product photo tips to help increase your conversion rate

  • 03 Dec 2020

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It doesn’t matter how great your products are if your photography doesn’t reflect that, there’s a chance your conversion rate will suffer. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Our 9 product photography tips can increase your conversion rate and help show potential customers what your brand is all about.

1. Product photography background

A plain white background does a fantastic job of showing your product off for what it is. When shoppers see a thumbnail like this, their eye is drawn to the clarity and contrast. No distractions.


Clear photos on a white background set a realistic expectation of what your customers will get after placing an order. This is transparent and honest product photography.

2. Lighting tips for beginners

Whether you’re shooting with an expensive camera or your iPhone one thing remains important.

Lighting. 9 times out of 10, natural light’s going to be your best friend. Search around the house for some good light near a window. Taking photos at midday, when the sun is directly above will usually generate the best results. Rainy day? Hunt around the house for some lamps. Place one lamp either side of your product and have a look.

3. Styled e-commerce product photography

Close up, lifestyle or scale shots are great for highlighting elements of your product that you want to be noticed. If you’re a fashion brand, a lifestyle photoshoot brings your work to life. Firstly, define your style. Are you minimalist, industrial, quirky, organic? If you’re minimalist you won’t want to clutter your photos with other elements.


Pro Tip: Whatever your style is, make sure this follows through with the rest of your brand.

4. Use a tripod

A quality tripod will really help you get the most out of your photos. It also makes the process of taking photos a lot easier.

5. Forget Instagram

Instagram filters have their place – on Instagram. Not on an online store where a product’s being sold. Some filters can make images look sharper, that’s true. But they will simultaneously present your product in ever so slightly different colours.

6. Use your macro

Most cameras have a ‘close up’ mode, also known as macro. Look for the little logo that looks like a Tulip. This mode is often used to focus at a short distance to show off smaller details.  It’s a great mode to use for jewellery and other detailed products.


7. A sense of scale

No matter how creative you get, don’t forget that the one goal of your photos is to sell. Your customers may get confused and leave a sale if your photos aren’t clear.

8. Show off all your variants

It can be frustrating for a potential customer if what they’re interested in is available, but they can’t see it. Show it all. If your t-shirts come in 5 different colours, show it in every colour. Every product style should have its own picture.

9. Editing

Taking a photo is just the beginning. Touch-ups and editing are just as important as taking the photo itself. To get started, load your images into Photoshop or Lightroom. If these aren’t available to you, try Pixlr Editor, the free, online version of Photoshop.

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