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New tricks for your team building


Want a little magic in your office life? If you’ve ever wished you could wave a wand over the day’s workload and sit back as it completes itself, you might be disappointed. However, interactive magic workshops are a great option for a teambuilding awayday with a difference

Q What can you do? 
Magician Nick Reade has been sprinkling fairy dust over corporate events for more than 20 years.

He says: “On the standalone teambuilding days, we normally split the participants into small groups and teach them different skills – so there may be magic tricks, mind reading and maybe a bit of juggling. The groups are revolved so every group learns each skill. At the end of the day they perform a show, and they have to come up with the stage patter and lines to go with what they’ve learned.”

Q Where can you do it? 
You’ll need to conjure up a lecture theatre or conference suite with enough space for a performance area, preferably a raised stage. Some practitioners can source a venue 
and include this in their fee. 

Q What are the risks? 
No one has to volunteer to get sawn in half. Some participants may need to overcome their shyness to perform on stage, but magic has a remarkable ability to draw people out of their shells. Routines are designed to be within the abilities of everyone. “The tricks have to be easy to pick up,” says Mr Reade. “We tend to focus on basic card tricks or mathematical feats such as ‘magic squares’, when it looks as if you possess an amazing ability to add numbers up.”

Q What will the business get out of it? 
As well as learning new skills together, the group will gain insights that are useful in the workplace. “Magicians use a lot of psychology in their work,” says Mr Reade. “It’s about communication, observation, charisma and influence. I offer another workshop called ‘Mindreading for business’, which is all about that.”

Q What does it cost? 
It’s not a bargain-basement option. Top magicians on the corporate circuit are in constant demand for product launches, trade shows and dinners as well as teambuilding days, and get booked up many months in advance. Venue hire and travel expenses will also need to be factored in. Mr Reade offers stand-alone teambuilding days for small groups from around £1,600.