New kit and apps: Tech to help your business

  • 10 Aug 2021

The latest technology for your business includes an almost unbreakable phone and a wristband designed to ensure social distancing.


While Zoom or similar video platforms have been a lifeline for many home-workers in the pandemic, there has been very little opportunity for spontaneous contact. Meeow – a combination of ‘meet’ and ‘now’ – has been designed to provide entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals with the chance to meet like-minded people by connecting them at random in groups of four to seek advice, share ideas or just chat. 


Available on a subscription basis, the networking platform’s features include transcription, a prompting feature to keep conversation moving and an anonymous reporting function in the event of any offensive behaviour among participants. Subscription starts at £20 (plus VAT) for the year, then moves to £15 per month (plus VAT) for 750 sign-ups.

Prolojik Proxima 

The word ‘distance’ has acquired a whole new resonance over the past year. Assuming there is eventually a widespread return to offices, the likelihood of staff mingling freely any time soon is minimal, and to that end Prolojik has developed Proxima wearable tech to help people monitor their proximity to others.

The wearable tech comes in the form of a wristband or lanyard that connects wirelessly to a sensor network, and vibrates when people pass within 2m of each other, as well as taking their temperature to alert them of potential illness. 


The network, which is integrated into a lighting management control system, also collects data that can then be analysed on the spot or over time, as a means of identifying trends to enable targeted action to be taken without having to close entire buildings or facilities. Expect to pay £20 for a wristband/lanyard; installation costs of the overall system vary according to requirements. 

Doogee S86

In these generally uncertain times, durability suddenly seems to be a particularly valuable quality. Doogee’s dust, drop and waterproof phone has been built to withstand just about anything the world can throw at it, which is good news for anyone whose work takes them outside, or places them in harsh environments. 

Inside its IP68-rated armour, this state-of-the-art smartphone packs a 12nm Helio P60 Octa-Core processor, 16MP AI quad camera and a battery capable of providing up to 39 hours of call-time (or 27 days in standby mode). When you have finally drained it of juice, 24W Type-C fast charging means you won’t have to wait long before it’s back up to capacity. 

Dual SIMs and wide network compatibility mean you won’t ever be out of touch, and its speaker is loud enough to enable the Android 10-handset to double as a portable audio device. Available in a choice of red, orange and black finishes, the S86 will cost approximately £225. 

Future Designs FUZONE500

Consideration of the potential spread of viruses and bacteria has rendered conventional office spaces unworkable for countless businesses during the past year. Help is at hand with the UZONE500, however, which uses ultraviolet light to make enclosed spaces significantly safer for staff. 

This air and surface purifier claims to be able to kill 99.99 per cent of airborne and surface bacteria and viruses. These sealed lamps use two different wavelengths of non-visible light to create ozone, resulting in cold incineration of any harmful molecules (including mould and fungi), and leaving surfaces sterile. They require no filters, and can be used when buildings are occupied. 


Pricing is bespoke and dependent on installation requirements, but as a rough guide, expect to pay about £600 to cover an area of 70 cubic metres.

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