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New Crossrail delays costing businesses

The opening of London's Crossrail project will be delayed until 2021 as the infrastructure project is set to go another £650 million over budget.

The route, to be known as the Elizabeth Line, was originally due to open in December 2018.

FSB National Chairman Mike Cherry said: “Another delay to Crossrail is disappointing to see and will leave a sour taste in the mouths of businesses and commuters who had been preparing for the start of the service in 2020. This delay is fast-becoming a national embarrassment.

“Small businesses along the route of the Elizabeth Line, from Berkshire to Essex and
across London, have long been preparing for the start of the service in early 2020.

“This delay means another year of extra construction costs, another year of lost
revenues and another year of strains on an already bursting public transport system.”