New app alleviates mental health and wellbeing issues facing tradespeople

  • 27 Jul 2021

Protect your mental health

Lancashire-based tech start-up, Kiistone, has launched the new Kiistone mobile and desktop app designed to help tradespeople run their businesses more effectively, to put an end to payment disputes and to help alleviate mental health issues and improve wellbeing.

A recent Glasgow Caledonian University study found that people in the construction industry were three times more likely to take their own lives in 2019 than those working outside it*. It is also widely accepted that tradespeople experience poor mental health, at times referred to as stress, as part and parcel of their daily lives facing pressures of tight deadlines, financial uncertainty, and striving to meet a customer’s often changing needs and demands.


Brainchild of CEO Tim Mullock, Kiistone is designed to financially protect both tradespeople and customers, who agree job specifications and budgets via the app. Payment is then protected and held independently, by the largest Escrow provider in Europe, until both parties are satisfied that the job has been completed as agreed.

Kiistone provides further functions to help tradespeople manage projects, diary, cashflow, admin and communication, and offers access to the Kiistone Community website, providing industry news and essential guidance and support for trades people, including tips and advice on wellbeing, nutrition, and exercise.

Kiistone CEO, Tim Mullock, said: “As a self-employed tradesperson for 20 years, I know first-hand that the industry’s traditional culture is that of ‘manning up’ or ‘cracking on’, but financial issues are a huge factor for tradespeople, causing stress, anxiety and depression.

“Many self-employed individuals are brilliant tradespeople, but they have not always had an education teaching them how to run a business. They win a project, get paid, and then may not put money aside for VAT, then when the taxman asks for payment, things can tumble.

“With Kiistone, we have introduced an easy to use, free app that manages finances for tradespeople and customers. It is a project management tool and should a dispute arise, Kiistone stores all communication between the tradesperson and the customer, to aid a speedy resolution.

“Kiistone will ensure that the finances are managed correctly giving both tradespeople and customers peace of mind and ultimately alleviating a lot of the stress that tradespeople face.”

Kiistone also has its own Health and Wellbeing Ambassador, Caroline Pearce. Caroline helps the Kiistone Community to tackle the most pressing issues of the day, including fitness, nutrition, and mental health.


Caroline Pearce (pictured beloiw) is the lead host for the Professional Fighters League (PFL) on ESPN and across UK’s BT Sport network. She is a former international heptathlete, bobsledder for Great Britain, and has a master’s degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology.

Caroline’s credentials as an expert in health and wellbeing are second to none and she has first-hand understanding of the mental health issues facing trades people, today.

Caroline Pearce said: “I grew up with my dad working as a self-employed painter and decorator and there were many incidents of payment discrepancies, frustrating work delays, the need to chase customer payments and other problems which caused him mental stress.

“I’ve seen first-hand the challenges that my dad faced with project management, and the impact this had on his mental wellbeing from this often-stressful work, so, I understand how valuable Kiistone is to a tradesperson. As an athlete, you appreciate fairness, and for me, hearing that, with Kiistone, the playing field is a level one; is a welcome solution for tradespeople.”

Tim Mullock concludes: “The Kiistone mission statement is to be a bridge between tradespeople and customers and to help form a strong working relationship. By achieving this we will not only improve relationships, but we will be taking the first steps towards improving wellbeing and mental health of tradespeople across the UK.”


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