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Modernisation enters final stage


By Dave Stallon, Commercial Director at FSB

FSB has entered what we hope to be the last of the transitional stages of the modernisation programme started back in 2010. 

We must continue to evolve as a professional modern business organisation, keeping pace with and taking advantage of the day-to-day changes in our marketplace, the law and improvements in technology.

This final major change sees the demise of the old-fashioned copy of a 1960s union structure. With regional committees and outdated rules sidelined, our organisation will be opened up to those who want to volunteer in a more modern and user-friendly atmosphere, allowing members to meet face-to-face on a computer screen if they choose. 

No longer will it be necessary to spend hours driving to and from meetings that all too often achieve nothing more than reporting on activities and deciding when to hold the next meeting. 

We want to encourage more engagement among those who do not have fixed hours available but are able to get on to a computer or a telephone and spend a few minutes making contact and passing the FSB message along the line, as well as supporting their own business community.

We will not discourage members from meeting and sharing ‘best practice’, but what does matter is that we go back to supporting what we as an organisation set out to achieve over 40 years ago, looking after the interests of the local business community and lobbying Government to make it easier for entrepreneurs of all sizes to survive in the harsh, competitive world of modern business.