Keep the cash – and business – flowing with flexible mobility

  • 10 Feb 2020
Sam Sterry, SME Sales Director, Europcar Mobility Group UK talks about how using flexible mobility solutions can help to keep small businesses agile.


Agility and flexibility are not just management buzz words or soundbites. They’re the watchwords of most small businesses.  You can respond to customer needs faster, adapt product and service offerings quicker, even change focus and reach new markets without delay.  And that’s all because you don’t have the infrastructure and organisational constraints of larger businesses. The ability to react quickly to the opportunities and challenges that small businesses face, can make the difference between success and failure – and allow you to grab those business opportunities that come along, often at short notice.



But to keep that agility, it’s also vital that you work with suppliers who have the same values.    

Any successful business owner will confirm that managing cash flow should be a top priority. However, for many businesses, keeping staff moving – be it a sales team out on the road seeing customers or van drivers collecting and delivering orders – there is a big question to ask.  Does it make sense to sign up to a long-term finance deal, or even buy fleet outright?  For many small firms the answer has to be no. And this shouldn’t be a problem because there are now a number of flexible mobility solutions available to keep business moving , putting you in control, taking pressure off the balance sheet and even supporting those all important environmental goals.

Corporate vehicle rental – this is the most traditional of the mobility options. The latest, most technologically advanced company cars and vans can be rented on short, mid or long term contracts. Contract terms can be mixed and matched depending on requirements and offer a range of the latest low emission models and makes. There is no need to worry about servicing and maintenance either – that is all taken care of by the provider, giving you the peace of mind that your staff are in safe, reliable vehicles as well as staying in control of your costs.

It’s also worth working with a provider that offers delivery and collection services. At Europcar Mobility Group for example, because we have 100% coverage of the UK we can deliver vehicles with as little as two hours- notice from booking.  

Car-sharing solutions – sometimes even a relatively short-term commitment to a vehicle is not what is needed. Car sharing is becoming more popular in the business world as it offers an additional level of flexibility. Using a fully managed and automated platform such as Ubeeqo, a brand of Europcar Mobility Group, allows employees to access a range of low emissions cars by the hour, either as part of a company pool or simply off the street using the latest access technology.



B2B Ride-hailing and chauffeur services – for those times when it makes more sense to let someone else do the driving, the key is to find a provider that offers choice in terms of the level of service and, of course, cost. From an executive driver service that can pick up an important visitor from the airport, to hailing a ride to get to a meeting across the city, business owners and managers should look for a service that offers full visibility and control of employee travel costs.

With so many things to keep a business owner awake at night, finding a partner that offers access to a range of flexible mobility solutions could be part of the answer to a good night’s sleep.

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