Interior design with an animal imprint

  • 06 Aug 2018

The number of organisations offering vegan-friendly services is on the rise. 

For one Brighton-based business this approach has been the norm for years. Chloe Bullock, owner of Materialise Interiors and former designer for The Body Shop, says “ethical sourcing is part of my make-up”.


Materialise designs for residential and commercial clients, offering a service that provides ‘cruelty-free, healthy and environmentally friendly interiors and specifications’.

“As you find out more about the gruesome processes involved in producing some products, you find alternatives. I’ve been doing this for years without necessarily pointing it out to clients. Often the alternatives are better,” says Chloe, a registered designer with the British Institute of Interior Design.

She recently became one of the first interior designers in the UK to be awarded certification by 

“Having the qualification behind me gives me the badge to display on my marketing and is a talking point with clients.


“There’s much more to it than just avoiding leather. There are many health benefits to avoiding animal products in the furnishing of homes or businesses.” 

She says products used in interior design that are derived from animals are often bad for allergy sufferers as there can be lots of chemicals involved in the manufacturing process.

“I don’t think people are fully aware of the stories behind some products,” she says. 

“If a client wants to use an animal product, I would try and persuade them to use alternatives, showing them samples and discussing the health, budget and wear benefits that are often part of specifying non-animal product alternatives.”

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