In charge of cleaning the office kitchen? Here’s your five minute clean along checklist

  • 02 Sep 2020

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Are you in charge of cleaning your office kitchen?  Instead of thinking of this job as something you hate, try tackling it in small five-minute bursts, for a hygienically clean and beautifully smelling kitchen.

Office kitchens can be a hotspot for bacteria and viruses, especially since many different people share a fridge, sink, microwave, and kettle. To keep it safe and clean, grab your favourite Zoflora fragrance and follow our 5-minute clean along!

Start at the Sink

Sinks do a lot of the dirty work. Cleaning cups and dishes, washing food and vegetables - it's all going on in there. So, it's really important to disinfect as well as keeping the area clean.


Simply, run some warm water into the sink then add 1 capful of Zoflora for every 400ml of water. Then wipe it down.

Tackle the Taps

You’ve cleaned your sink, but what about your taps? Taps see a lot of dirty hands in an average day, especially in a busy work environment. This makes them a popular spot for bacteria to hide. Use the same diluted Zoflora as you have for your sink and wipe all around your taps, making sure to cover all areas to remove any nasty germs.

Working on the Worktops

As the main food preparation area, worktops see a lot of germs build up. So, it’s extremely important to keep your worktops clean, as well as bacteria and virus-free.

Mix 1 capful of your favourite Zoflora with 400ml of water inside a clean spray bottle. Use the diluted solution to work your way around the worktops, wiping down surfaces with a clean cloth. Not only is this a quick and easy way to remove bacteria and viruses, but it’s also a good excuse to re-use any empty trigger sprays that are lying around!

Cupboard doors

You might not think cupboard doors would be the dirtiest of places, but those handles and edges can be a secret breeding ground for bacteria - especially if these areas have come into contact with people working in your office or workspace. Be sure to wipe over these high-traffic areas regularly to ensure a clean and happy workspace!

Banish bacteria from the bin

The bin is a hotspot for breeding bacteria due to the food waste we put inside, and if not cleaned regularly can quickly start to make things smell bad. Simply soak a clean cloth in diluted Zoflora (1 capful per 400ml of water) and use it to wipe down the whole bin, not forgetting the lid and surrounding areas inside and out.

Finish with a soak

Bacteria LOVE dishcloths and sponges, more than you might think. The items you use for cleaning are actually perfect breeding grounds themselves for nasty germs.

Get into the habit of leaving your dishcloths and sponges to soak once you’ve finished your five minute clean along. Simply fill your sink with warm water and add 1 capful of Zoflora for every 400ml of water, then leave your cleaning items to soak to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.


We hope you find this guide to be a helpful hack when you’re next up to clean to the office kitchen! Be sure to try out all of Zoflora’s beautiful fragrances to find out which scent is the one for your team, we hope you don’t have any fall outs over your favourites!

Love, Zoflora x

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