If you work from home here's how to raise your productivity

  • 11 Aug 2017

More than four million people are now estimated to work from home, and the spare bedroom isn’t suitable space for all of them. So what’s the alternative?

John Lyon realised that if the house isn’t always a good location then finding space in the garden might be the solution.

He established Rubicon Garden Rooms three years ago to tap into the growing trend of people needing proper office space at home.



“Time is precious and the demands of modern working often disrupt sacred family time with long commutes and overtime,” says John.

“A bespoke garden office resolves many of these problems and still gives employees the professional space they need to maintain their careers effectively in the idyllic environment of their own back garden.”

Typically, business owners, consultants and home workers need a space that can be used year-round, so any garden office must be well insulated and fully networked.

Offering garden offices to this standard has helped John grow his business.
Such has been the popularity of working from a garden office, John has expanded the business, which is based at Deeside Enterprise Park, in Shotton, Flintshire, to now employ nine full-time staff. It also recently doubled the size of its factory to around 6,000 square feet.



“Few people who’ve taken the bold leap to work from home have regretted it, and our previous customers have certainly been impressed by the results, with many reporting an increase in productivity and motivation in their new green surroundings,” adds John.

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