How to get funding to start-up or scale-up your small business

  • 15 Mar 2022

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Starting a new business can be exciting – but challenging. You’ve had a great idea and you want to get to work on launching it. But finding funds to get started can be difficult. Or maybe you’ve had your small business for a while – and you want to scale it to the next level. But, again, understanding the funding options available and how to access them can be confusing.

What’s more, even once you’ve waded through the terminology and grasped an understanding of the different options, securing finance can also be tough.

Accessing finance is a growing concern for many SMEs. Out of the 1,000 small business owners surveyed by the British Chambers of Commerce, the majority said access to financing was both the main barrier to their growth, and if solved, the factor they believe could truly jolt the economy back into action.


Of course, there are now many ways to seek finance – and approaching your current bank is not necessarily your best option. Since the banking crisis over a decade ago, SMEs have struggled to get that all important ‘yes’ from traditional lenders. And, while initially start-ups and small businesses despaired, alternative finance lenders have stepped up and helped to ease the burden of accessing finance for SMEs. 

But again, the options can be confusing. However, help is at hand.

Our forthcoming webinar will help unpick the different ways in which small businesses and start-ups can raise money to boost their growth – whether it be through traditional bank loans and debt financing, crowdfunding to gain funds from a supportive public, angel investing, short-term or guaranteed loans, or working with an incubator firm.

To learn more, and to hear the expert views of those that have both facilitated investment and received investment, sign up for our exclusive First Voice webinar ‘Securing finance to set up or scale up’ taking place at 1pm on 23 March.

This event is free of charge and open to all businesses regardless of where you are based. FSB members and non-members are welcome to attend, so feel free to share with your networks. This event is sponsored by Dell Technologies. Book now.

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